EV Chargers

Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers are indispensable accessories for powering electric cars, offering a convenient and efficient means of recharging their batteries. The benefits of EV chargers extend to individual EV owners, businesses and those managing public spaces.

For EV owners, access to your own charger means more convenience and flexibility. Eliminate the need for frequent trips to charging stations and enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your vehicle can be charged easily when needed.

For businesses, installing EV chargers can attract eco-conscious customers, enhance corporate sustainability efforts, and contribute to a positive brand image. Additionally, providing EV charging infrastructure can serve as a valuable amenity leading to increased visitation, longer dwell times, and potentially higher revenues. By investing in EV chargers, businesses can align themselves with the growing trend towards electric vehicles and position themselves as environmentally responsible leaders in their industry.

Our Trusted Brands


Tesla are well-known as innovators in the electric vehicle industry, but did you know that their chargers can also power up almost any EV? We supply Tesla chargers that are compatible with most EV models and offer a convenient and reliable way to keep your vehicle battery full and enjoy the benefits of driving electric.


Fronius understands that to fully enjoy the financial and environmental benefits of an electric car, it best to charge it using clean solar energy. Fronius Watt Pilot EV charging boxes are designed to work seamlessly with other Fronius components ensuring easy and convenient charging. Fronius EV chargers also allow you to use excess power that would otherwise be fed back into the public grid to charge your vehicle.