Solar Installation


Solar Installations

Scott Burke Electrical provides sales and installation of Solar PV Grid Connect Systems, suitable for home, commercial and industrial businesses. From the smallest residential solar systems, to large commercial/industrial systems, we can help you design a system that best suits your needs. Reduce your electricity bill whilst doing your bit for the environment. Solar Grid Systems have a payback period of approx. 3-7 years and with Government rebates still available, now is the time to act.

By planning for your future needs, we save you from having to perform an expensive upgrade in the near future as your home or business power demands increase. We can offer advice as to what is an acceptable amount of growth to plan for in regards to home use.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are installed on the roof to maximize their exposure to the sun’s rays. The energy gathered from the sunlight is then converted into electricity. The solar panels convert the light energy from the sun into DC power. An inverter then converts DC power to 240V AC power. Homes with a solar system use their solar power first, and when you’re using more electricity than your solar system is producing at the time – like at night time or an overcast day – your home will then source power from the electricity network. When the solar system produces more electricity than your home needs, the excess is fed into the electricity network.


Solar Installations

We understand that your business has a vision and a strategy to achieve it. That’s why we want to know your growth plans when we design your solar power system. You don’t want to worry about power outages or inefficiencies that can hurt your bottom line. You need a reliable and scalable solution that keeps you open for business.

At Scott Burke Solar, we are experts in providing high-quality solar power installations that help you improve your energy efficiency and lower your carbon emissions. As energy prices go up and environmental responsibility becomes more prominent, businesses are increasingly choosing solar power as a cost-effective and eco-friendly option. By choosing solar power, businesses can benefit from significant long-term reductions on their energy costs, improve their sustainability, and possibly access various incentives and tax advantages (subject to availability and govt. policy).

Our team of professionals is dedicated to offering complete solar solutions that suit your business objectives. From the first meeting to installation and ongoing support, we manage every part of your solar project with attention to detail. Become part of the solar movement today and discover the full benefits of renewable energy for your business.

Off Grid

Solar Installations

Lots of Queenslanders are embracing the Sunshine State tag and breaking free from reliance on conventional power sources with an off-grid solar installation. No matter whether you are out in the bush or near the beach, our team is dedicated to designing a solar solution that will meet your complete energy needs.

Our off-grid solar systems utilise cutting-edge technology and robust battery storage solutions, featuring high-quality products like Selectronics (Australian Made), BYD, and Sungrow, to ensure an uninterrupted power supply, even in the most remote locations. Say goodbye to power outages and skyrocketing electricity bills, and hello to self-sufficiency and peace of mind with our reliable off-grid solar installations.

By choosing our off-grid solar solutions, you’re future-proofing your home or business against fluctuating energy prices and grid instability. Join the off-grid revolution today and discover the freedom of harnessing the power of the nature.